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Sample Student Projects/Research Topics

Paleobotany/Plant Paleontology:

Assist the curator in preparation of specimens of plant fossils for in-depth study with a microscope. Involves handling acids, chemicals and fossils. Need to have a biological background and a knowledge of elementary geology.

Field Geology/Paleontology:

Assist the curator in fieldwork and analysis of Ohio stone types and fossil invertebrates. Knowledge of elementary geology preferred.


Organize a petrography collection of hand specimens into groups structured around classic-rock suites by location for use as a teacher reference collection. Perform literature searches, and gather references for each of the created suites. Basic knowledge of mineral identification and petrogenesis required. Experience with Windows-based software would help.


Work with department staff to hunt for rare plants in northeast Ohio. Rewarding, intense field work. Experience with using a key to identify plants preferable. Access to a vehicle is required: mileage will be reimbursed.

Vertebrate Zoology:

Assist in conducting a survey of the fish, amphibians, and reptiles of the Ashtabula River drainage in Ashtabula County, Ohio. The student will learn various field collection methodologies and in-house museum procedures for handling and processing specimens and the accompanying data.


Assist with field and laboratory work directed at collecting, processing, and identifying adult insects from aquatic habitats in northeast Ohio. Own transportation desired (some reimbursement for gas and mileage). Previous course work in entomology or invertebrate zoology preferred, but not necessary.


Assist in the measurement, comparison, and analysis of projectile points from several prehistoric Native American sites in Ohio. No field work involved. Some experience with computer database software preferred.

Physical Anthropology:

Assist in the measurement, comparison, and analysis of human and hominid skeletal material. No field work involved. Some experience with computer database software preferred.

For The Current Year's Projects/Research Topics:

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