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Completed applications are due in early March. Selected applicants are contacted and interviewed the next month. Awards are announced by mid-April.


Please Note:

--- Projects may not be offered in all areas each year.
--- Most projects, but not all, require fieldwork as well as lab work
--- Several projects require that the student provide his/her own transportation.
--- The Adopt-A-Student Program is open to undergraduate students from all colleges; however only those students who can arrange summer housing in the greater Cleveland metropolitan area will find this program practicable.


For Further Information...

or an application, please visit our pages on the Cleveland Museum of Natural History website here.

You can also contact Ann S. DuFresne, our Kirtlandia Society Liaison, if you have any questions, or for information about how to become a sponsor. The application form is also online here.

Ann S. DuFresne, Kirtlandia Society Liaison,
The Cleveland Museum of Natural History,
1 Wade Oval Drive, University Circle
Cleveland, Ohio 44106-1767

Voice: (216) 231-4600, ext. 3243
Fax: (216) 231-5919