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The desire to take part in the stewardship of our natural heritage is widespread. However, many are at a loss as to how to translate their desire into effective action. Even when the desire to be a part of environmental stewardship is well founded, finding an appropriate level for participation can be a serious obstacle.

For college students, there are, of course, several avenues open, but one opportunity is unique in that it offers meaningful avocations as well as careers.

This opportunity is provided by the Donald S. Dean Adopt-A-Student Program of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. The Museum's role in environmental stewardship is well established. As part of its mission, the Museum keeps permanent records of natural diversity in the Northeast Ohio area; records which are essential to environmental education, management and development. It also leads in the interpretation of these records for all segments of the community, for schools, businesses, industries and the general public.

The Kirtlandia Society, a voluntary organization affiliated with the Museum, was founded to support the goals of the Museum in research and education.

The Donald S. Dean Adopt-A- Student Program, named after the Society's past president, was established in 1980 as part of this effort, bringing students and curators together in the exploration of the natural sciences.