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General Meeting - March 9, 2002

After coffee and conversation, President Ted Ganger called the general meeting of the Kirtlandia Society to order at 10:05 a.m. in the Rare Book Room of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Thirty-five (35) members and guests attended. President Ganger requested that the Minutes of the February 9 General Membership Meeting be approved as distributed.

Membership Chairman, Bill MacDermott, reported that since last month's meeting Kirtlandia has received dues from 3 new members, Clara Conoboy, Jean Day, and Audrey Wahl. He reminded members that yellow nametags identify new members for the first year and asked that we make them feel welcome by introducing ourselves. Bill also reported on a change in the May 11th program. Our speaker will be James W. Simmelink, Ph.D., a medical anthropologist from CWRU, presenting a program entitled "Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Role of Forensic Dentistry."

President Ganger reported on the death of the father of Dr. Bruce Latimer, Museum Director. A card expressing sympathy was passed around for members to sign.

Treasurer, Charles Greenwald, was absent. However, Ann DuFresne stated our finances are in good shape, and she will distribute the Treasurer's Report to the Board at today's meeting. As of January 31, the total in the combined Investment Fund and Endowment Fund stands at $155,148.12.

Walt Stephens reported on a sensational month for contributions to the upcoming summer's Adopt-A-Student program. As of March 7, the total received is $14,216 out of a goal of $18,432 for funding 9 students. To date 46 applications have been received for the 9 spots available. Some departments have had more applications than others. However, there are enough applications to give the curators an excellent selection. Walt stated that he and Ann feel that the Internet has given our program much better exposure.

Ann DuFresne said Kirtlandia would be receiving a proposal from Pam Keiper in the Science Resource Center requesting our annual support ($1,200) of the Teacher Enhancement program. Ann asked for the usual generosity from our membership.

Bob Taylor introduced James Koewler, Jr., attorney with Kahn, Kleinman, Yanowitz & Arnson Co, L.P.A., whose the topic was "Wetlands: A Confusing Intersection of Law and Biology." He spoke in detail of the complexity of regulations involving wetlands from the Federal level (permitting from the Army Corps of Engineers and the EPA) and the state activities that also deal with their permits. Often there is conflict between developers who are interested in three things, "location," "location," and "location" and the environmentalists who are most interested in preserving wetlands and natural areas. His program included a handout of his PowerPoint visual presentation. He was very knowledgeable in his field and discussed several topics of local interest.

After a brief period of comments, questions and answers, President Ganger adjourned the Kirtlandia General Membership meeting at 11:32 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan MacDermott
Recording Secretary


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