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General Meeting - April 13, 2002

After coffee and conversation, President Ted Ganger called the general meeting of the Kirtlandia Society to order at 10:03 a.m. in the Rare Book Room of The Cleveland Museum of Natural History. Approximately forty-five (45) members and guests attended. President Ganger requested that the Minutes of the March 9 General Membership Meeting be approved as distributed. President Ganger had the guests introduce themselves to the membership. Ann DuFresne introduced her newly adopted, 3-year old son, Michael ("Misha"), who comes from Luga, Russia.

In Walt Stephens' absence, Susan MacDermott reported that as of April 10, we needed an additional $2,165 to finance 9 Adopt-A-Students and the related pizza party this summer. Tim Matson would like to have 2 students, but our guidelines limit 1 student per curator. If he can raise the necessary funds for another student, he can have that student also called an Adopt-A-Student. The curators will make their final student selection on April 15. Ann DuFresne did announce that Chuck Brown's granddaughter has been accepted as one of our Adopt-A-Students this summer.

Walt attended and judged the Science Fair at Cleveland State. He picked Sarah Alexander for her project on water purity at the Shaker Lakes. She was given a $50 gift certificate to the Ark and a 1-year Family membership to the Museum. She will give Kirtlandia membership a brief presentation of her project and show her display at a future meeting.

Treasurer Charles Greenwald was absent, and no Financial Report was available.

Jane Litt reported on the meeting of the Education Committee held on April 10. We have received the annual request letter from Pam Keiper in the Science Resource Center for Kirtlandia's $1,150 support of this summer's Teacher Enhancement Program. Jane also mentioned that the Discovery Center's renovation is under way and will be wonderful when finished.

President Ganger then introduced today's speaker, Fran Bayless, and her husband, Tom, long-term members of CMNH. They presented a marvelous photo essay on their trip to the Antarctica and the search for a photograph of "The Impossible Penguin"-the chick of the Emperor penguin on the feet of one of its parents. Fran gave a detailed description of preparations for the trip with Zegrahm Expeditions, pertinent facts about the Antarctica and its conditions (the coldest place on earth), and food requirements, etc. Fran also explained how the high altitude and extremely low temperatures contributed to their losing all sense of reality, i.e. "fuzzy thinking." She continued with detailed information on the habits of the Emperor penguins and their chicks. All this information is contained in a lovely information booklet distributed to members at the end of the program.

And, finally, FRAN GOT HER PICTURE of "THE IMPOSSISBLE PENGUIN" just before the expedition was ordered to leave the area due to dangerous weather conditions.

After questions and answers, President Ganger adjourned the meeting at 11:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Susan MacDermott
Recording Secretary


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